Bon Appétit! Buffet Restaurant Lists in Xi'an


時間:2019-07-24 17:17:25

It's hard to figure out what to eat day in and day out, we all like to be masters of our own meals. You may enjoy an explosion of flavors at some top quality buffet restaurants with very nice price in Xi'an. With a variety of international delicacies, you can choose your favorites ranging from seafood, Chinese food, Western food to dazzled desserts. Bon appétit!

You only need to pay one price and serve yourself from different plates, ranging from hot items, fruits, meat, steak, dessert and a salad bar. You just move along the counter and pick out what you like and eat as much as you want.



Wanwei Yinyue Seafood Hotpot Buffet



The food and environment here is absolutely amazing! Buffet is delicious and mainly provides seafood. With a stage in the center, singers and customers usually have performance there. If you like to listen to music and eat seafood, don't miss it.


Price: 79rmb/person


Add: 8F of Saga Shopping Center, Xiaozhai


Tel/電話:029- 8520 0888

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